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Make Your Own Website
A Step By Step Approach

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Steps to make your own website is a FREE GUIDE that teaches you how to make a website in a very basic, simple, and step by step approach. lady with laptop Create your own website and break the myth that only professionals know how to make a website.

Welcome to, steps that lead to your "Net" success.

Here we will highlight all the essential steps required to build a successful website.

Yes, this website is the ultimate guide that will lead you through all the steps, hand in hand, logically and systematically.


Before You Begin To Make Your Own Website

What Are The Aims To Make Your Own Website?

These are your most important aims before building your own website. All the topics in this website are written with a view to assist you to achieve these goals.
  • To Deliver Valuable Content to Your Visitors.
  • To Rank High at the Search Engines.
  • To Get Targeted Organic Traffic.

On starting a website one can really get stumped by a volley of questions or concerns. Unfamiliar technology and hype associated with the internet can put any one on the back foot. Most new web builders feel nervous and often have giddy feelings about starting a website.

Read about these questions in this article:

Before we show you the steps to create your own website, it is important to highlight the advantages of owning a website and to show you who all need to make their own website. Read the following articles in this regard:

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What Are The Steps To Make Your Own Website?

Creating your own website is a four step process.

make-your-own-website-step-1 Step-1: Site Concept
Brainstorm for your most prifitable niche here. Choose the most profitable theme for your website. This is where most of your "behind the curtains" work is done. Here you will basically:
1. Choose your niche for your website, &
2. Design a blueprint for your own website.
  make-your-own-website-step-1-a make-your-own-website-step-1-b make-your-own-website-step-1-c  

make-your-own-website-step-2 Step-2: Site Launch
Here you will learn about two major events that are a must to make your own website:
1. Select and register your most optimum domain name, &
2. Choose a web host that will launch your website.
  make-your-own-website-step-2-a make-your-own-website-step-2-b    

make-your-own-website-step-3 Step-3: Site Content
Having selected your niche and registered a domain name the next step is to put flesh to the structure of your website. Learn to give shape to your own website. This is where you build the foundation of your business.
Learn to write content that is rich yet simple, and that which attracts people. Content is King.

make-your-own-website-step-4 Step-4: Site Traffic
"Traffic" is one word which all the webmasters love to hear. The popularity of your website is indicated by the amount of traffic it attracts. The vice versa is also true. The popularity of your own website leads to high traffic.
Learn ways to generate free traffic and drive it to your own website.
Note: This website contains a rich resource of over 700 web directories where you can submit your website URL.
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