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Best Dedicated Hosting
Top 10 Web Hosts

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Best Dedicated Hosting list given below consists of the top 10 web hosts that provide Dedicated Web Hosting solutions. For each web host in the list we have enumerated various unlimited and other features offered by them, along with price for one of their cheaper plans.

NOTE: Each web host in the best dedicated hosting list has an array of packages on offer. Obviously we can’t list them all here. We have just listed one plan for each web host. Also, web hosting being competitive in nature, web hosts are liable to alter their packages quite frequently. The information provided here was correct at the time of writing this page. It is very difficult to keep updating the latest data. For more information on plans click on the “Visit Now” link.

No: Web Host Hosting Features Price


InMotion Hosting

Dedicated Server-Essential

  • Pentium Dual Core
  • Disc Space - 2x160GB
  • Bandwidth - 1500GB
  • Memory - 2GB
  • Separate Websites - Unlimited
  • IP Addresses - 5
  • Free Setup
  • Money Back Guarantee - 30 days
$199.95/month with Semi-Annual Billing

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S-PE7400 Fully Managed

  • Core 2Duo 2.80 GHz
  • Disc Space - 250GB
  • Bandwidth - 10TB
  • Memory - 4GB
  • IP Addresses - 5

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Dedicated I

  • Intel Celeron 2GHz
  • Disc Space - 2x80GB
  • Bandwidth - 2000GB
  • RAM - 2GB
  • IP Addresses - 5
  • Free Setup
Linux: $89/month
Windows: $110/month
(24 month billing)

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Basic Dedicated Server

  • Intel Xeon Dual Core
  • Disc Space - 2x250GB
  • Bandwidth - 1500GB
  • Memory - 2GB
  • MySQL Databases - Unlimited
  • IP Addresses - 5
  • Free Setup
First Month $139
Recurring Months $174

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Dedicated Class

  • 100% Server Management
  • Nightly Security Updates
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • State-of-the-art datacenter
  • Linux or Windows Software
  • Customization allowed
Single Processor Server: Starting at $105.00/month
Multi Processor Server: Starting at $300.00/month

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  • Intel Dual Core Pentium
  • Disc Space - 2x250GB
  • Bandwidth - 1000GB
  • Memory - 2GB
  • IP Addresses - 5

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Linux Quad Core Q9400

  • Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz
  • Disc Space - 2x320GB
  • Bandwidth - 10000GB
  • Memory - 4GB
$199/month or $2268.60 Annually

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Core Plan

  • Core 2 Quad Core
  • Disc Space - 250GB
  • Bandwidth - 3000GB
  • Memory - 2GB

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Dedicated Hosting

  • AMD Opteron Dual Core 2.2 GHz
  • Disc Space - 250GB
  • Bandwidth - 2TB
  • Memory - 2GB
$69/month (with 1 year prepayment)

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DS100 Dedicated Server

  • 1 x Xeon E3000 3.00 GHz
  • Disc Space - 250GB
  • Bandwidth - 2000GB
  • Memory - 1GB
  • IP Addresses - 4

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DISCLAIMER: Information provided here on page on Best Dedicated Hosting is purely indicative and without any warranty on our part. Use it at your own risk. The choice of a web host is entirely your own decision. All web hosts listed here don’t bear our seal of approval or any endorsement from our side.

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