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Choosing Keywords Depends Upon The Type Of Market You Want To Cater To.

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Choosing keywords is a key to your “net” success. You get a lot of free search engine traffic, also called the organic traffic, based on your website keywords. Choosing keywords is made easy by keyword tools. choosing a chess move

Read on to discover which category of people is using which keyword tools to meet their requirements.

The search engines don’t think for themselves. They rank you for the choice of your own internet keywords. You are the one who decides which one is the most suitable keyword for that particular web page. They take you for your “word” and place you in the results for that particular chosen keyword. You have to be very cautious about choosing keywords.

That’s why selection and choosing keywords is so important because with the right internet keyword in your web page you will be “found” at a higher ranking in the search results of a search engine.

Choosing keywords is made easy by keyword tools. Keyword Tools are computer software applications that assist you in searching for additional keywords related to the word(s) that you enter in the software.

Keyword research deals with looking at what people are searching for on the internet and more importantly how they are searching that. Keyword tools help in identifying those things that people are looking for and those words or phrases that they are using in their search queries. Based on these results you can choose keywords that meet your criteria and use them in your website or campaigns.

All keyword tools differ in their functions and hence vary in the kind of output they produce. For the same search query all these tools will produce different lists of keywords with different levels of supply, competition, PPC rate etc kind of data. This is because of the difference in databank of each keyword tool. They too have collected data and what those sources, how genuine they are and how relevant they are to your need are some of the features that differentiate all the keyword tools available.

So effectively correctness of a keyword tool lies in the type of the market it caters to. People with different motives rely on different tools for choosing keywords for their personal satisfaction.

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Which Category of People is Using Which Keyword Tools?

Broadly speaking these are the following four kinds of people for whom some particular keyword tools are indispensable.

Search Engine Optimizers

Besides all the professional Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) this category also consists of various webmasters who design websites for others or for themselves because they too are optimizing their web pages based on keyword research.

Search engine optimizers are looking for keywords that are popular and can lead to produce higher page ranking in search engine results. They are targeting free traffic or organic traffic as they call it. They tend to rely on the usage of keywords that are high on demand but low on competition so that web pages based on such keywords get found comparatively much easily.

They are also hunting for words that are similar in meaning to their seed words, or with slight variations due to singular or plural occurrences, spelling mistakes, etc. and yet have enough demand to be able to justify their usage.

Keyword Tools useful for Search Engine Optimizers:

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Pay Per Click (PPC) users

These users are looking for keywords for their advertisement campaigns. Google Adwords is a popular PPC Program. They are targeting paid traffic and hence are looking to use keywords that are inexpensive and still have the power to divert traffic to their websites.

These are the users to whom supply and demand are not the only criteria of interest but also pay per click rates, click through rates, Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), and others that matter to them. After all every click costs them and they want to know which keyword is worth their dollars.

Keyword Tools useful for Pay Per Click users:

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Google AdSense Users

Google Adsense keywords users are the ones who publish Google Adsense advertisements on their websites. These users get paid on the number of ads that get clicked from their website.

Their approach is in direct contrast to pay per click users. Here adsense users are hunting for expensive pay per click ads so that they earn more revenue for higher paid keywords. They are choosing keywords that are relevant to their content and have expensive pay per click rates. They too are targeting free traffic that is specific in nature because Google places ads that are in context with their content. That means if your website is related to “Mobile Phones” you will automatically get adsense ads that are related to “mobile phones” and not “dog training”.

These users are the best example of personal judgment when keyword tool generated data is concerned. Any tool will produce a long list of keywords and provide supporting information too. But it is one’s own inclination that helps while choosing keyword to use.

So an adsense user is looking for keywords that are related to her website theme and are high on demand, low on supply, to get free traffic, while simultaneously have high PPC rate to earn more on every click on those ads.

Keyword Tools useful for Google Adsense Users:

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Niche Miners

These are the people who are looking for new opportunities, new avenues, untapped mines, or whatever you call them. They are looking for new products that have yet not been squeezed out of profit due to high competition. Niche miners also include affiliate marketers who sell other people’s products or services through their own website and earn commissions on sales generated.

These people study heaps and heaps of keywords for choosing their niche keywords. They want keywords that have potential to grow in demand and have very little competition. They deal with danger because any keyword with low demand can either prove to be a dead entity or can grow enormously to yield a fortune to its user. They take guidance of various parameters and information supplied with every keyword to develop their own product or service or to promote someone else’s.

Keyword Tools useful for Niche Miners:

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