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Dedicated Hosting – A Professional Hosting Platform

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the solution for professional and high performance hosting. It is ideally suitable for large businesses or mega websites that generate massive traffic and require large databases. It is also the most preferred choice if security of a website is the main concern. Dedicated Hosting is power packed and rich with unprecedented features.

In contrast to shared web hosting where you share disc space, bandwidth, and other server resources with other websites that are placed on the same server, dedicated hosting has just your own website exclusively placed on one server without ever having to share it with anyone. You have autonomous control over your own machine and you yourself can decide how to use resources at your disposal. You can also host multiple domains and websites for yourself.

Dedicated server hosting provides almost nil limitations to the type of language scripts and applications that you can use with your website. You can add any software. With it you get a unique IP address that can answer many security and search engine related issues which otherwise can become a hurdle in shared hosting environment. You are in no way affected by the performance of other websites.

This type of dedicated server hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. But websites with high traffic and data to process can’t work efficiently on low cost shared hosting platform that is ridden with a number of limitations. In the long run the high cost of dedicated servers gets more than covered up by their features and performance.

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Types of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting comes in two packages. It can either be Unmanaged Hosting or Managed Hosting.

Unmanaged Hosting

Dedicated servers are machines that require ample technical expertise for their smooth running. One has to be aware of the latest on Information Technology and keep oneself abreast with everything that is new and happening. In unmanaged hosting you have the onus of managing and running your own server.

You are responsible for the upkeep of your server and have to look at all the software and hardware issues. This takes away a lot of technical burden from the shoulders of your web host and in return they charge less for dedicated hosting since they do not have to provide maintenance service to you.

In unmanaged hosting you are provided root access of your server. You can log on, of your own and can reboot the machine in case of an uneventful server crash.  Your web host will not provide you with technical assistance or support and your own skill will be required to bail you out of any situation.

Managed Hosting

This type of hosting is the absolute hassle free hosting. Your web host besides providing for an exclusive server for your website is also responsible for it maintenance and smooth running. All the technical issues on part of hardware or software are looked after by them on a professional front.

Since your web host has to hire technical staff to ensure round the clock high performance of your machine and website, they charge you extra for this service. In such cases you may not be provided with root access.

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Superior Features of Dedicated Hosting

Despite being significantly a costlier option, dedicated hosting is still the number one choice for upscale hosting amongst larger websites. Below we give some of the superior stand out features that make it such a popular hosting.

1 - Autonomous Control

While shared hosting lacks in control, this type of hosting gives entire control in the hands of a web master. Without ever worrying about sharing hassles one can make choices with allocation of server resources as one pleases.

One can expect superior performance of web site functioning due to availability of exclusive bandwidth, RAM, CPU, disc space etc.

2 - Usage Flexibility

One of the main reasons why people choose this type of hosting is because it offers complete usage flexibility to the website owner. Here one can use any kind of software or application and the server supports all kinds of scripting languages. One can create any environment that one likes to work in. It rarely ever meets any limitations.

Dedicated servers are capable of handling very large databases. No amount of traffic can ever pose any serious problem on such a platform.

3 - Security

Dedicated hosting provides the best security solution to all e-commerce websites. In the absence of sharing clients and the access code and IP address not being used by others this server can be used as SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) or Secured Server whenever crucial information is to be passed.

Besides it offers a lot more security from internet hackers, pirates, etc.

4 - Superior Hardware & Software

Dedicated hosting is premium hosting. Hence all web hosts ensure that they use the best and state of the art hardware equipment and software to host your website. With superior technology behind your website there is a grade performance and practically nil failure rates. This eventually works to the benefit of the web host who has to spend less on maintenance whereas you get error free hosting in return. There is very less down time or server crashes.

5 - Support

Dedicated hosting provides technical support that is quick, accurate and round the clock. It is immediately accessible. Most web hosts are equipped with a battery of specialists that can be tapped for any customer support. Being their favored clients you can always count on getting top class service.

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