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A Free Web Directory does not charge anything for the review or listing of a website. Free directory get tons of website URL for submission and since most directories are human edited there is a huge waiting period before these submissions can be reviewed. Sometimes the waiting period can stretch up to months. And even after that it is not sure whether your submission will be accepted or not.

Even if your website is accepted the listing in the free web directory is never permanent and can be removed without any prior notice. It is also possible that your site is listed in a category which is different from the one you desired in the first place. Sometimes even the free directory itself disappears from the internet.

However, not all free directories are like that. There are very reputed free directories as well and one should strive hard to get their website listed on these, even if there is delay in getting it reviewed. Open Directory Project (or DMOZ as it is also called) is the most reputed free web directory but the submission review is very slow and they are very choosy in selecting website listings. But if you have the patience and the persistence then getting listed in their directory is worth the waiting.
Some directories offer Reciprocal Link facility wherein your submission is not charged for getting listed. But they expect you to place a link to their website from the URL that is submitted to their directory. That way they too earn a backlink and as long as both the parties abide by the agreement their links stay good.

There are free web directories and paid web directories on the World Wide Web. Click below to know more about Paid Web Directory:

Submission of websites to web directories is considered as a common SEO (search engine optimization) technique to get vital inbound-links for the submitted website.

Submission of URL to a web directory is a simple exercise. Click below to know in detail how it is done and to read about all the steps involved:

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We have prepared this rich & useful resource of more than 700 Best Web Directories, which contain both free web directory and paid directories. These are categorized as per their PR rankings, Alexa rankings, Google backlinks and Bing backlinks.

Each Web Directory provides detailed information about its fee structure and deep linking facility.

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