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Free Web Hosting And It’s Limitations

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Free Web Hosting, as the name indicates is free of cost. Being free it offers the minimum and has limitations in all spheres. But it can’t be despised off because of its many drawbacks as it is quite popular with small websites which require very little from web hosting. Free Web Hosting

Many newbies who just want to create their web presence, look for free web hosting packages. Mostly these are for hobby or fun or like for an introductory one or two page websites. Besides giving them a high feeling of being on the internet, free web hosting falls short on all the parameters like reliability, security, space, speed, support, and many more. Yet there are millions who fancy free hosting.

Other than the fact that free web hosting comes for free there is hardly any other advantage that it has to offer. Even being free might not be such a good advantage in the long run. Although free web hosting can’t be compared with any other type of paid hosting yet we have drawn out a few serious limitations of this type of hosting to illustrate our point that all serious webmasters should consider looking at commercial hosting for long lasting life of their websites.

1 - Reliability

There is no reliability in any free web hosting package. You can never of sure of your website being “live” on the internet for most of the time. The industry standard is 99.99% but that is in paid hosting only. Free hosting comes without any uptime guarantee and if there is a server breakdown it can take hours for the website to come up again. That is largely because your website is not being monitored by any one.

2 - Disc Space

Free web hosting is not about disc space. It is about how many pages you can host which can just be a few. Most web hosts who are also in the business of domain name registration often offer free web hosting to all their clients who register their domain names from them. But that to has space limitations or page limitations.

3 - File Type

Mostly only HTML pages are allowed. In addition some service providers may allow JPG or GIF files to be uploaded for people to post photos on their websites. Other than this hardly any other file type is allowed in free web hosting.

4 - Bandwidth

Bare minimum bandwidth is allocated. This might prove to be sufficient as most websites on free hosting ever attract much traffic. Also there is not much that can be downloaded from these sites to eat up bandwidth. However that leaves hardly any scope for future growth.

Some web hosts penalize by way of removing a free website from their server if they find sudden increase in traffic. Others might even bill you for your extra bandwidth usage.

5 - Domain Name and IP Address

Most web hosts will place your website either as their own sub-domain (for example or like a directory ( Some webhosts do allow your own domain name to be used for your website but that could be conditional if you purchase a domain name through them.

In all the free web hosting packages you always share the IP address of your webhost.

6 - Advertisement Placement

Most free hosting companies force placement of their own advertisement   banners or pop-up windows on every page of your website in exchange for their facility to host your site for free. Although this is a means for their income to provide for free hosting yet it can prove to be very irritating to any visitor to your website. There is hardly ever any escape from this.

7 - Customer Support

There is hardly any customer service or technical support in case of free hosting. If at all you get heard it will be after considerable time that means it can be very slow.

8 - Search Engines

No serious webmaster hosts her website from a free web host. Their content quality is negligible and search engines also understand this and they too don’t index pages from free websites. Without getting any search engines to spider your site you can’t even imagine to build traffic to your free website.

9 - Other Features

It is prudent to expect any special feature to be offered in free hosting packages. It is quite uncommon to find any FTP access, MySQL databases, CGI support or any other scripting language, multiple e-mail accounts, etc. Such services have a cost factor attached to them and can’t be expected to be provided free of cost by the service provider.

10 - Short Life Span

Free Hosting

Most free websites have very short life span. Without any financial or moral commitment on part of your webhost, your website is at their mercy. They can remove it from their server without any prior notice or warning. Within a very short time you can find yourself wiped out of the world wide web.

Secondly, how soon can they run out of business is just about anyone’s guess. If running free websites doesn’t go well with their business acumen curtains can fall on them sooner than one can expect and with that can go your dreams of your internet presence in thin air.


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Free hosting is only for hobby, fun or personal websites. If you are running a business then it makes sense to opt for other commercial hosting packages.

It is evident that price is a crucial factor while selecting a web host. However it must also be understood that nothing comes for free and all good things in life are paid for. Just like any business requires some sort of capital investment so does your website. If you are serious about it and are hoping to carry it for a long term then you must be willing to pay a little amount each month for the sustenance of your website.

Free hosting can in fact prove to be costly in the long run. Bad service, constant down times, irritating advertisements, insufficient bandwidth, etc can reduce your viewership and ultimately hurt your business.

Better invest in cheap budget hosting than wasting your precious time in free web hosting.

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