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Using Site Concept Keyword in Domain Name

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keyword in domain name

Using site concept keyword in domain name is an important search engine technique to give boost to your search engine ranking. Read about all the advantages of selecting a keyword rich domain name.

Not everyone agrees in unison. Rather using keyword in domain name is a hotly debated issue. This difference in opinion, whether you really get any advantage in ranking by using the keyword rich domain name or not, is largely due to the discreet working of popular search engines. There are only broad guidelines issued by these search engines. The actual algorithm is just anybody’s guesswork, and people in the business have their own theories in this regard.

Google has more than 200 factors in its page ranking algorithm. Using keyword in domain name is just one of those varied criteria. How important this one factor is? – Only you yourself can tell. Some people argue that "Meta Tags" and especially the "Title Tag" has more importance than any other factor, as far as search engine rankings are concerned. They could be right, because as we said major search engines like Google have not one, but almost 200 factors in their algorithm.

We feel that in this era of competition every single factor counts to be at the upfront. If it is possible to include your keyword in your domain name without sacrificing your website relevance then by all means do go for it. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

One thing that is to be understood is that the search engines are getting smarter every day and they are constantly changing their algorithm. If you think that any one factor is unimportant today you will be surprised to find that very criterion to work in your favor some other day. So why not include your site concept keyword in your domain name now because once chosen you will not get another chance to alter your domain name at a later stage.

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Advantages of using keyword in domain name.

  • 1. Your site concept keyword is your website theme in a nutshell. In other words it is what your website is all about. When that website theme gets reflected in your domain name your reader gets to know on the first glance itself about the possible content of your website. She is impressed and carries a good first impression view about your website. That helps a lot to keep her focused on your site.
  • 2. The search engines rank you higher for your website for your desired keyword. That is because they are able to associate the relevancy between the keyword in your domain name and the actual content in your web pages. There is not a single search engine which does not handsomely reward relevancy. You get the free search engine traffic.

    Some people argue here that using keyword in domain name can be manipulative since people can use any keyword that is winnable and thus get more traffic. According to them, for this reason alone, the search engines don’t care much about the presence of keyword in any domain name.

    This according to us is a black hat technique and we are strictly against it. You will get penalized for doing so, some or the other day when the search engines will discover the difference in relevancy. That’s because search engines don’t just take you for your words but also have many off page criteria like visitor’s response to rank your website. The quality of a website will always stand out irrespective of the presence of keyword in domain name.

    Also, we are not suggesting that you use just about any keyword in domain name. We are telling you to use only your site concept keyword, that which is reflective of your spin or unique selling proposition (USP), if you may. It always adds to your creditability when your angle of approach is visible in your domain name.

  • 3. Another search engine optimization advantage of using keyword in domain name is in the inbound links. Inbound links or inwards pointing links are those links through which people link their own websites to your link. These are your votes of approval cast by other websites. And it pays a lot, because search engines weigh it heavily, if other webmasters put your keyword in their anchor text of the inbound links on their web pages. When you use your site concept keyword in your domain name then it serves the purpose of a double edged sword. You don’t just get the inbound link but you also get them to use your keyword in their anchor text of the link.

Hence it is advisable to include your site concept keyword in domain name.

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Who are the Best Domain Registrars?

domain shopping

Want to go shopping to buy domains? How do you know where you will get a fair deal? Do you always go to the cheapest one?

The best domain registrar need not be the cheapest domain registrar. It’s not always the cost of a domain name that makes a registrar a good or an average one. Neither does a good sounding name make a registrar a good one.

There are numerous domain registrars and domain resellers that have flooded the domain registration industry. Obviously they all are there for business and sometimes your interest might not be their upmost priority. In such a scenario it is easy to get duped by certain unscrupulous ones.

Below we offer a list of the best domain registrars:

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