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Keyword Tools Are Indispensable Tools For Any Serious Webmaster

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Keyword Tools are computer software applications that assist you in searching for additional keywords related to the word(s) that you enter in the software. Find out here more about tools. worker with tools

Keyword research deals with looking at what people are searching for on the internet and more importantly how they are searching that. Keyword tools help in identifying those things that people are looking for and those words or phrases that they are using in their search queries.

Tools make life easier for any worker and put a smile on his face.

So what can keyword tools do?

These tools can either look for words that are “vertically” related to the seed word that you have chosen to expand on, or it can look for “laterally” related words that might be related to your keyword on the sideways.

There are certain tools that supply information like demand and competition with regard to every keyword. This is very powerful information.

Based on the data given you can decide whether your product, service or information has any demand or not and if it does have then what is the competition you are going to face using that particular keyword in your website or promotional campaign. You are then able to judge whether you should continue with what you are doing or should you look at other alternate things or options. Maybe you need to change your search keywords so that you can get more traffic now.

Some advanced tools provide extra information. This could be competition data, their website URLs, pay-per-click data, monthly competition, and the like. This kind of information is of vast importance to identify new trends, niches and work out suitable competition strategies.

Other topics discussed on this page are:

Without the assistance of these tools there is no way you can extract such information and save your precious time.

A word of caution

What a keyword tool supplies is a load of data based on previous information. It is how you use that data or what you infer from it varies from individual to individual. It is your intuition that weighs heavily in extrapolating that data to extract whatever you mind deems best. How you look at it is your own perspective.

Of course there are guidelines. There are parameters. There are past experiences too. But eventually you are your own best judge. You are trying to mould your future course of action based on certain past information. Sometimes you can go off track while at other times you can get rewarded handsomely.You are yourself responsible for all your actions.

It pays to get your hands on these keyword tools.

Time spent here will save you immense time later on and you will thank yourself for having invested in a good tool. In fact a search engine optimizer can’t do a thing without using a keyword tool.

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Which Are The Available Keyword Tools?

There are a whole lot of tools, in all shapes and sizes, available in the market. They have mushroomed on the varying needs of the users.

All tools differ in their functions and hence vary in the kind of output they produce. For the same search query all these tools will produce different lists of keywords with different levels of supply, competition, PPC rate etc kind of data.

This is because of the difference in databank of each tool. They too have collected data and what those sources are, how genuine they are and how relevant they are to your needs are some of the features that differentiate all the available keyword tools.

There are many good tools available in the market. Some are free while others charge subscription fees. These are:

Free Keyword Tools

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Yahoo! Keyword Suggestion Tool

Paid Keyword Tools

Obviously they all differ in their services and cater to different needs. It goes without saying that the free tools will be limited to their utility while the paid ones will meet your widest demands.

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What Kind of Search can be Performed with These Keyword Tools?

These tools are designed to provide data that broadly falls under two categories:

  • Vertical Search
  • Lateral Search

Vertical Search

This is done when you are looking for keywords that are directly related with your seed keyword. This is an in-line search. All the keywords generated will have your seed word or phrase in it.

For example if you are searching for “mobile phones”, which is a phrase with two words, you get vertically searched keywords like “cheap mobile phones”, “buy mobile phones”, “compare mobile phones”, “mobile phones reviews”, etc. Keyword tools retain the two word combination of your seed keyword phrase as it is, although at certain places they can include singular and plural words too.

Vertical search is essentially where you start your keyword research. You expand on the idea that is condensed in your single word keyword or two or more worded keyword phrase. The list of keywords generated in this search gives you all the sub categories you can shoot off to. Basically being too broad in nature these are sometimes too much off the track and you have to do lot of “cherry picking”.

Lateral Search

Keywords generated under this search may or may not be directly related to your seed keyword or phrase. That means there can be some portion of your seed word in the results or they may not be present altogether. These can be synonyms or sub topics of your main topic represented by the seed keyword.

In continuation of our example of the search phrase “mobile phones”, keyword tools in their lateral search can produce keywords like “cheap phones”, “camera phones”, “landline instruments”, “leather casing”, “screen protection cover”, “mobile offers”, etc. Note that the two word phrase has been split because that is not your seed word anymore. There are also keywords that don’t have any portion of your search keyword.

Lateral search usually follows the vertical search. Once you have cherry picked your most optimum keywords you need to travel laterally to find your sub-sub-topics that can form your pages on the website. Each vertically brainstormed keyword can have a number of laterally searched keywords which can all become your individual web pages.

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