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Keywords Optimization Is The Essence Of Keyword Analysis

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Keywords Optimization is the process to attract more and more free search engine traffic by choosing and then using the best keywords in the content of your web page.keywords optimization

Read about the three steps involved in your own keywords optimization.

The essence of keyword analysis is that if what you have on your web pages matches with that what people are putting in search engines then you have a high probability of being ranked higher in the search engine results, which gets translated into dense website traffic.

So what is the right keyword for you?

Ideally speaking the one that has a high demand and low competition is just right for you. But how do you choose such keywords?

You are required to seek help of keywords optimization tools to help you build a massive list of your most optimum keywords that are related to your website theme and which you can use to write your web content on.

If you are an owner of SBI! you can log on to your Brainstorm It! module and follow the instructions in the Action Guides. Brainstorm It! is the best keyword brainstorming and researching tool available anywhere.

If you are not an SBI! user then the following keyword optimization tools are recommended:

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Steps Involved in Keywords Optimization

Keywords optimization of your website involves three broad steps. These can be enumerated as follows:

  • Step-1: Building your list of keywords.
    Since we are now standing at the “Step-1: Site Concept” of our main website topic “Steps to make your own website”, here below we will further elaborate on this first step of Keywords optimization.
  • Step-2: On-Page Keyword Optimization.
    This is the technique to effectively use your list of chosen keywords in the content of your web pages so as to make them keyword focused and search engine favorites. Read about it in “Step-3: Site Content” of our main website topic “Steps to make your own website”. You can also read the article on tips to rank higher in search engines to grasp the importance of on page criteria.
  • Step-3: Off-Page Criteria Optimization.
    This is the technique to increase you search engine rankings by way of getting more links pointing towards your website. Read about it in “Step-4: Site Traffic” of our main website topic “Steps to make your own website”.

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Steps to Find Search Engine Optimization Keywords

Follow the three steps given below to build your list of most optimum keywords.

STEP-1: Vertical Brainstorming

It’s time to extract your narrowed down list of niche markets that you had developed in the “Steps to Generate Niche Business Ideas” exercise.

Each niche market has a central theme and hence a specific keyword.

Feed that specific keyword in the keyword tool of your choice. You will get your first list of keywords that are broadly related to your niche market. Repeat the process once for each niche. You can export the generated keywords to an excel file (or an openoffice file) and save it to your computer for further reference and analysis.

This is your first working list of keywords optimization. On a cursory look at it you will find some are related directly to your niche while others are way too far from it. You might even be surprised to find some about which you had never even thought of but now you find them with enough juice to expand on.

Depending whether your keywords optimization tool is free software or a paid one, the supplied information along with the list of keywords is very vital. Essentially you are interested in knowing how much demand is there for each keyword generated and what competition level are you going to face in using that keyword.

Based on these parameters you can weigh the profitability of that specific keyword.

With all the data before you, only you yourself can decide which theme is your best niche market and that which you will pick up for your present website concept. Go for the one which is not too broad but still has reasonable demand and that which does not offer much competition too.

You are your own best judge.

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STEP-2: Cherry Picking

Having narrowed down to the ultimate finalist in selecting your niche your next job is to choose keywords that together sum up your website theme. This is called cherry picking or pruning of the list. Effectively you will be weeding out the unwanted candidates and keeping only those that justify their inclusion in your web page which can be your main page or the home page.

It might be repetitive but is not inappropriate to say that since you are the author of your website only you would know which keywords qualify to be included in your “list of honors”.

Some guidelines though can be stated here.

A Word of Advice

Don’t get too overwhelmed with numbers. The numbers are just to guide you. They are not meant to choke you. Ultimately what counts is your own intuition and judgment. Don’t become a slave of the numbers. Use them judiciously in choosing your right keywords.

  • 1. Don’t go for the extreme numbers. Too high a demand, though tempting, requires lot of work and effort and also might prove to be too high on competition.
  • 2. Don’t either go for something that is very low on demand believing that it might offer low competition. True the competition could be low but the traffic too might turn out to be too thin. You must have heard of the phrase – competition is your friend? Competition also indicates people’s interest in that niche market.
  • 3. Select a few keywords that have demand and competition in a few thousands so that they are easily winnable. It is difficult to rank high on a keyword that has a demand of a hundred thousand than it is with the one that has a demand of five or ten thousand.
  • 4. Prima facie the one which has a lower competition number out of the ones chosen above should ideally be your home page primary keyword.
  • 5. From your shortened version of the keyword list look for some other high demand keywords which could well be your level-2 web pages.
  • 6. All those remaining keywords which might even have demand in a hundreds or a few thousands can suitably be your level-3 pages, if you feel you can write an independent page on and that which fits well with the level-2 page. These are some of the pages that will rank higher than your other top level pages simply based on their demand criteria.

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STEP-3: Lateral Brainstorming

Your list of keywords can never be exhaustive. In fact at some time you might feel to expand in a certain way. This might occur when the keyword that you enter in your keywords optimization tool is a single or a two word phrase.

This results in a limited output. Or you can say a more general list of keywords is generated in this manner. This can put brakes on your growing ideas to optimize the content of your website.

The best practice to resolve this is to expand the keyword to more words. For example if your search for the primary keyword was based on the word “book” you could expand your list of keywords by looking for results based on such phrases as “romantic books”, “books for children”, “books on finance”, etc. This is what looking on the sideways is called.

Examine each list of freshly generated keywords and see if they fit into your scheme of the website theme. Analyze each keyword as per some of the guidelines mentioned in step-2 above in addition to your own personal judgment. This way you will find many more keywords that you can expand to form your additional web pages.

Each new search will make you keyword rich.

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For more information on choosing keywords read the articles:

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