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Massive Niche Business Ideas Generation
Steps And Resources

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Niche business ideas triggering steps are illustrated here which will help you to generate a massive list. Also included are various resources that you can tap into to come up with wonderful website ideas with hot niche markets. lady with illuminated bulbs

The only tools that you require here are a pen and a paper. This is to ensure that when your creativity begins to strike you should not restrict the flow of niche business ideas and should jot down every idea that comes along. Come up with as many ideas as possible. And yes do write them down on a paper rather than holding them in your mind. That way it will be easier choosing a niche market from your list of niche business ideas.

Don’t limit or constraint yourself by just looking at what everyone else is doing. Widen your horizon and tap those untouched avenues.

Have you already hit a stumbling block? Don’t worry. Just keep working. It takes only the first niche business idea to come out before many more start pouring, and with each new addition to your list you will feel more confident to do your own niche market research. A great boost to your confidence can come from what I had learnt during my own brainstorming process:

Everyone Knows Something.

True, everyone knows something. Everyone has a passion or a skill that just needs to be looked into and tended to. The only thing is that sometimes they are unaware of what they know and how that can be useful to others. Give vent to your latent talent and express it on a website.

During the primitive days of my niche business ideas list building, I was very fortunate to have found and read Dr Ken Evoy's e-book The Affiliate Masters Course. The kind of insight this book rendered to me at that time, can hardly be expressed in words.

I strongly recommend you to download it, print it, read it and just devour it.

This FREE 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by step, through a common sense process... Affiliate Masters Course

... from developing a Site Concept

... to brainstorming profitable related keywords

... to building a themed site

... to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to click on your recommendations, links to the related products sold by merchants you represent.

The best thing about the Masters Course is the clear, high-quality content that lays out a process that really works.

Let’s uncover our minds and look for how to generate niche business ideas. We will aim to find out as many as we can so that we can narrow them down to about ten finalists - after we have tested them to various parameters that we have learnt in other article. To know more about these parameters read the article:

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Steps To Generate Niche Business Ideas

Generation of niche business ideas is a three step process:

Let's explore each step.

1. Look Inside Yourself lady with lot of ideas

Looking inside yourself can open an entirely new vista that you may have never encountered before.

You can come up with in-numerable niche business ideas simply by asking some very basic and elementary questions. These questions can be like:

  • What do you do at your job?
  • What have you learnt at your college or in your institution?
  • What do you do during your leisure time?
  • What do you do to pass time?
  • What is that when you start doing it time flies away like a bird?
  • What is that people keep asking you about?
  • Which periodical, magazine or book do you love to read?
  • Which department in your office would you rather like to work in?

Ask questions about yourself. Any question. You are bound to find your niche idea about which you had a hidden passion. May be it is something you always yearned for but never really got an outlet.

Keep digging inside and you will find niche business ideas that you feel can be weighed in gold.

Here is a little exercise to dig deeper.

Take a sheet of paper. Divide it in four columns titled "Hobbies", "Skills", "Job", and "Home".

Under "Hobbies" - Write about your interests. Is it golf, cooking, dancing, singing, tennis, mountain climbing?

Under "Skills" – Write what you are good at. Is it public speaking, computer repair, management, teaching, financial investment, auto repair, or anything.

Under "Job" – Write about your official functions in your present or previous jobs.

Under "Home" – Write about all the things that take up your time while you are at home.

Did I hear "Sleeping"? Well why not sleeping? So many people love to sleep while others can barely get to sleep. It is a very good niche as millions are searching on the internet to find ways to cure their insomnia, snoring in sleep, breathlessness in sleep, sleep walking, and so many other associated problems. Can you provide them through your own experience and skill any solution to them? There you have it. You have just chosen your best niche business idea! Great going indeed!

While at "home", look everywhere more carefully this time. Peep into the kitchen. You have products sitting everywhere that come from nearly some of the top niche market owners. Open up some cupboards. Go and look into the washroom. All those things that you have been using are now staring at you for want of being chosen as your best niche business idea. There are websites about every possible article under the sun and there is always scope for one more from you.

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2. Look Inside Others woman searching for ideas

There is a whole world out there, outside of you. Practically every person who comes in contact with you can be a source of inspiration to expand your list of niche business ideas.

Most of the questions that you ask for yourself can be asked for someone you know, like your friend, relative, neighbor or someone you met just today. Didn’t you sometimes wonder about the success of someone else? How many times have you appreciated someone at the way she has handled a situation or excelled in a sport or a career? Haven’t you looked with awe when someone got a promotion or a raise in your office? What special traits they have?

Some other possible questions:

  • What does he do to maintain that perfect health?
  • Why does she keep falling sick every day?
  • What is my boss reading?
  • How come those next door neighbors have a beautiful garden, house, car, home theater, this or that?
  • Where has your brother-in-law gone for vacation this year?
  • Where is the next Olympics, Miss World competition, fashion exhibition, cars exhibition, film festival, hunger strike, trade union meeting, business seminar, etc, etc.?

In fact any phrase can be made into a question and searched for. Perhaps you get the idea.

Or you can look up the YELLOW PAGES and find all the possible CATEGORIES listed there. Use it as a memory jogger. Choose a niche market and see if you know someone who has excelled in that field. What has she done that has given her that envious status?

Can you too churn something out that can be your most profitable niche business idea?

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3. Look Inside The Web ideas from internet

Switch on your computer, start the internet and log on to some great websites that have a wealth of information. There are a billion website ideas out there. Perhaps something interesting will catch your eye that may just begin the snowball rolling. That might just be your lucky day and you could come up with a million dollar idea – never heard or seen before!

Here are some resources that you can tap into to come up with wonderful niche business ideas:

  • Google Hot Trends - Look into the 100 fastest rising search queries in Google.
  • Trend Hunter - Look for one of the largest collections of trends around the world.
  • Trend Watching - See the emerging trends around the world.
  • Yahoo! Buzz - Look for updates from top yahoo searches.
  • eBay Pulse - Look for overview of the top searches made on eBay.
  • Amazon - Find what is selling best.
  • Digg - See what the Digg users are submitting and voting for.
  • DMOZ - Open directory project to browse thousands of markets.
  • Yahoo! Directory - Large scale directory of the Internet. Lists sites categorised by topic and location.
  • Squidoo Lens - See what people are writing about.
  • - Browse their channels and topics to see what is hot and new.

These are some of the popular websites for niche market research to keep your niche business ideas list ever growing.

You can ignite the mind from just about anywhere. So keep looking.

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What Now?

OK, by now you must have generated a massive list of ideas that you feel have strong potential. Now is the time to:

  • Step-1: Prune Your List

    Prune your list of niche business ideas with regard to some parameters that can justify their suitability and profitability. Read about these parameters in the article:

    Find Profitable Niche To Remain Healthy in Your Business.

    Try to scale down your list to about 5 to 10 names.

  • Step-2: Analyze Your Final List

    You will have to do some keyword analysis to find whether your niche business idea is too broad or too narrow. Also you would test it on demand and supply factors before you finally have in your hands your most profitable niche business idea.

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I'm very grateful for your help.

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