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Making Your Own Website?
What Forms The Core Of Your Own Website?

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Planning to make your own website? Are you aware what forms the core of your website? Making your website is much more than just domain name registration and web hosting.

Most web masters or web developers lay much stress only on these two aspects of making a website. Other websites which are in the business of domain registration or web hosting, have their personal interest in making it look like as if that is all it takes to make a website. So much so that they offer free one page or two page web space attached with the cost of domain registration and web hosting.

Having a beautiful name for your website and a very friendly web host to publish it from, is not sufficient. Of course these two are essential steps in making a website. But they alone don't make a website. What goes behind the scene is also very important. if you don't have anything to show to the world then for all practical reasons your website doesn’t exist.

The Content, the look, the traffic, the revenue model and many more such aspects have more importance than any other parameter, and hence can’t be overlooked. You simply can't rush into making a website.

Making Your Own Website Is Not A Sprint Race

executives running sprint tace

Many web developers make you feel that making a website is like running a sprint race which has to be finished in less than fifteen minutes. They come up with catchy lines like - "make a website in minutes...".

It is not a race against time.

Gullible people get lured by cheap offers like free domain registration, free templates, free website design, even free hosting, free this, free that, and are urged to put up their website in flat fifteen minutes. In the end the only visitor that ever goes to that website is YOU.

All good things take time to develop.

Put your heart and soul in designing and creating your own website. A little extra time invested will only add value to you site.

Rich content is what drives traffic to your website. But if your website's look and feel is not very aesthetic, the driven traffic might get diverted elsewhere. If you lose traffic, then your monetization model might fall short of delivering profitable returns.

Do you see how all these are interlinked. As an example Google attracts so much traffic not because of its name but because of the kind of information it supplies. During its early days people must have wondered what ‘google’ actually meant!

These are what form the core of your website and the good news is that they all can be thought out and worked out smoothly right here with the help of this guide that shows you how to make your own website.

All it takes is a combination of 3 P’s.

  •  Planning
  •  Preparation, &
  •  Persistence

Or should we say 6 P's?

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

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