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Paid Web Directory

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A Paid Web Directory charges a one time or a recurring fee for reviewing and listing the submitted website link. Their charges are usually structured in two types :

  • (1) Regular Listing, wherein the submission is inserted alphabetically, chronologically or link popularity wise in the sub category, and
  • (2) Featured Listing, wherein the link is awarded a premium position over and above the regular listing and sometimes in the main category too.

Submission to a paid web directory is a better route to get the desired backlink. The most important advantage of a paid web directory is that the paid listing is a permanent one and stays for a life time. The submitted link will be taken off only if the web directory itself ceases to function or if someone has chosen the recurring fee plan and has not paid for the renewal of the link submission.

All submitted URLs to a paid directory are reviewed on priority and if accepted are placed in the proper category within 24-48 hours time. There is hardly any waiting list and in most cases you will get placed in the category that is most suitable to the niche of your website.

Usually most of the directories that pride themselves with a high PR (Page Rank) value are paid web directories and command hefty fees. These are called the Major Directories. Yahoo! Directory is one of the most important paid directories and for their quality of backlins they charge $299 annually. Another example of a major directory is which also charges $299 annually for listing your website.

The 2nd Tier Directories are lower in rankings and are relatively cheaper. Their charges usually vary from $20 to $60 for permanent listings. These directories are not much crowded to dilute your links and are easier to gain an entry into. Such directories offer a wonderful opportunity to seek quality backlinks on an economical budget. Most of the directories will either refund the fee collected in full or partially in case your website submission is rejected.

Another advantage of seeking paid web directory listing is that some of these directories offer Deep Linking facility. A deep link is a link to a page other than the home page on your website. This goes well with search engine rankings and your link popularity. These directories usually offer 3 deep links in their Regular Listing Plans while 5 deep links in their Featured Listing Plans. Make the most of these.

There are free web directories and paid web directories on the World Wide Web. Click below to know more about Free Web Directory:

Submission of websites to web directories is considered as a common SEO (search engine optimization) technique to get vital inbound-links for the submitted website.

Submission of URL to a web directory is a simple exercise. Click below to know in detail how it is done and to read about all the steps involved:

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We have prepared this rich & useful resource of more than 700 Best Web Directories, which contain both free directories and paid web directory. These are categorized as per their PR rankings, Alexa rankings, Google backlinks and Bing backlinks.

Each Web Directory provides detailed information about its fee structure and deep linking facility.

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