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PR1 Web Directory-2 List
26th And Above Directories

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PR1 Web Directory-2 List given below consisits of the top 26 and above directories that have Google's Page Rank 1. We have further listed this PR1 web directory as per Alexa Rankings, Google Backlinks and Bing Backlinks.

Each Web Directory is provided with detailed information about its fee structure with respect to its submission cost and its validity period. Some directories allow deep linking and we have pointed out how many deep links can be used by the subscriber and at what extra cost, if any.

Click on the Submit Now link in the last column of each PR1 Web Directory-2 to submit URL to that directory.

Please note that all rankings and backlinks are never permanent and keep changing every time. Quite often you may find the numbers given below different from the actual ones on any given day. But that shouldn’t deter you. Basically the following PR1 Web Directory-2 list contains top directories in its PR1 category and the numbers only tell you how good they are. In your endeavor to optimize your website your goal should be to submit your website to a maximum number of top web directories.

PR1 Web Directory-2 Alexa
Fee Submit Now
GoLooking.Com 3,303,967 0 39 Express: $9.95 Life Time
Sponsored: $19.95 Life Time
Submit Now
GeneralDir.Com 4,128,502 0 601 $5.99 One time fee Submit Now
2HotDirectory.Com 5,337,361 0 60 Bidding Directory. Minimum bid $2 Submit Now
LinksBucket.Com 5,852,342 0 56 Regular: $5 Life Time
Featured: $20 One Year
Submit Now
Best-Web-Dir.Com 7,552,267 0 44 $5.99 One time fee Submit Now

Dirjournal Web Directory

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