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Search Engine Optimization
vs. Search Engine Smartness

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Search Engine Optimization is employing every trick in the bag to outsmart the search engine algorithm, which in turn is gearing up technologically to thwart every unethical move. search engine optimization seo

Ostensibly there seems to be a raging war between the Search Engine Optimizers and the search engines. Each one of them seems to be trying hard to outsmart the other one. But that is not true. Each one of them is doing its own job to be in business. Read on to find why we are saying so.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving your website page to potentially improve its search engine ranking so as to enable your page to be found in the higher levels of “hits” of a search engine. This is done to attract more free traffic, also called organic traffic, to those pages.

One amongst many methods of search engine optimization is to rework your web pages to focus more on more suitable keywords. This could involve realignment of web pages, rewriting of HTML coding, and strategic placement of targeted search keywords, creating more inbound links, or simply adding more keyword focused content.

The work of a Search Engine Optimizer or SEOer is to recognize the need of a website and the parameters defined by a search engine. Based on that understanding the SEOer ethically edits that website to honorably meet all the requirements of the search engine and gets rewarded with a high page ranking.

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The Transformation of Search Engine Optimization

The early search engines evolved to carry out the "holy job" of enlisting all the websites available then. This was done to extend to the internet surfer the facility of looking through the categories of websites for easy surfing.

For this cataloging job the search engines then relied heavily on the webmasters to provide them with all the information about their websites. This largely contained specific keywords which could ideally define those websites.

Eventually with growing competition in search engine optimization the SEOers began to recognize the ease with which they could manipulate the search engines in order to attain those coveted high page rankings. They began to use inappropriate keywords to win over those keywords. They also started resolving to keyword stuffing of their web pages, sometimes in almost invisible font sizes and colors, to deceive the search engines. With this malpractice the search engines suffered disastrously as they began to produce inaccurate search hits – much to the dismay of the surfer.

The search engines did major overhauling and re-wrote their algorithms or the complex software that run these search engines. They redefined their guidelines on which they judged each website for their rankings. What earlier used to be just about a dozen parameters grew to more than 200 various parameters for "On-Page" and "Off-Page" evaluation of each website.

This massive overhauling gave birth to two new terminologies.

The White Hat technique resorted to following the ever changing guidelines of various search engines. They do all the legal and ethical things and never ever mislead the search engines. They are the Good Boys.

On the other hand, the Black Hat technique incorporated every non ethical means available to get their end meet. They made their own rules and ethics is what they had never heard of. They obviously are the Bad Boys.

So finally with the help of technology the search engines won. They are constantly upgrading their algorithm to increase their page ranking parameters at such a pace that it is becoming difficult even for a mature SEOer to manipulate the optimization process.

To know in detail about the working of a search engine read the article:

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What is The Real Business of Search Engines?

The search engines are NOT in the job to bifurcate the white hats from the black hats. In fact they hardly care about each. They would be wasting their time and money to counteract SEOer's devious plans.

Their real concern is to stay in business and their business is to provide their advertisers with the most relevant search engine results. They will remain in existence as long as they keep their real clients, that is advertisers’ faith intact. That can only be done when they themselves don’t get entrapped by the manipulator SEOer. These search engines toll for every single cent that their advertisers pay. Their own advanced algorithm recognizes most relevant content and is always striving to do their best.

And this is understandable.

After all, the advertiser who spends dollars to receive paid targeted traffic should get that and not just about any jay walking traffic. The efficiency of a search engine depends just on that relevancy and in its absence they will be wiped out of business. So it makes sense to penalize all those manipulators who adversely affect their business.

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What is The Best Search Engine Optimization Technique?

Don’t tweak.  Instead create great content.

Be your own SEO.

Yes that’s the best SEO technique.

With great content and original theme you will automatically get ranked higher than your competitors.

What do you think the search engines are looking for? They are looking for you, the one with new and relevant content!

They too are hungry for fresh stock and you with real content can lavishly provide them with that. Their advertisers are looking for more targeted traffic and your website, with all its real keyword focused web pages, is helping them to get that.

Additionally, on your part, you can work to get meaningful inbound links from reputed and reliable sources, because search engines lay high importance on such inward pointing links.

With so much real stuff, do you really think you need any of those Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques?

Are you looking to get a competitive edge in SEO?

We recommend you to read the following must read article on search engine tips to further tune your own search engine optimization.

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