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VPS Hosting – An Overview of A Rising Star

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting is a package that is in between shared and dedicated hosting. If you want benefits of dedicated hosting yet without going for their full features and don’t want to share server space with others then Virtual Private Server hosting is for you. In a way it bridges the gap between the two types of web hosting.

Virtual Private Server hosting is ideally suited for small businesses that need special features such as SSH access, custom firewalls, dedicated IP addresses or other features usually reserved for dedicated servers. It is also popular with webmasters who need customized solution that otherwise cannot be found in shared hosting environment. It is basically a shared hosting plan that behaves like a dedicated hosting plan.

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How Does VPS Hosting Work?

Virtual Private Server is basically a partitioned space on a physical server. A physical server is divided into various space partitions so that each partition has its own operating system, disc space, RAM and bandwidth. A web host can create many virtual private servers on one physical server.

Each such space is then lent as hosting space to various clients to host their websites. All these clients get to use their defined partition only and since they see only their own environment it gives them a virtual feeling of owning a dedicated server. Web hosts provide their clients complete control of their respective VPS. They can log on and use their partition much like using their own exclusive computer. They also have freedom to install and run any software or application, host as many domains they like and have their own IP address.

This is very much a shared hosting solution because server resources are shared, but it overrides many limitations of shared hosting plans. It is an affordable solution that is power packed with features. It is slightly costlier than shared hosting but quite cheaper than dedicated hosting.

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Advantages of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the next most popular type after shared hosting. It is not entirely because it is relatively cheaper than a true dedicated hosting plan but because it incorporates in its packages many good features of both the shared and the dedicate type of hosting. Let us have an overview of its advantages:

1 - Control, Flexibility & Limitations

VPS hosting provides much more control over your server than shared hosting. Most web hosts also provide you with root access or administrative access to your machine. Here you have control that is par with dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting breaks the barrier of software compatibility that is prevalent in shared hosting. You can install and run any software or application that your website demands. You can run any script that otherwise may not be supported in shared hosting environment.

VPS provides you with ample flexibility in terms of disc space, bandwidth, and other server resources which can be expanded on demand. High performance is guaranteed here.

2 - Multiple Domain Hosting

Shared hosting with its limited resources does not provide multiple domain hosting. VPS hosting is the ideal choice with webmasters who wish to avail this facility of multiple domain hosting. This is largely because of its robust hardware configuration and cost effective set up.

3 - Security

VPS hosting has the advantage of being exclusive since it is hosted on an independent partition that does not get influenced or affected by other partitions on the same server. It has its own disc space, RAM, and bandwidth. This is not the case in shared hosting. Hence website owners have more security in VPS environment that is much safer from hackers and internet pirates. Most business websites feel comfortable in this type of hosting.

4 - Scalability

VPS hosting plans are scalable. Having started with the most basic plan one can keep adding features and resources as their websites grow. Sudden growth in web traffic can easily be accommodated here with up gradation in minimum time.

5 - Support & Reliability

VPS hosting boasts of support that normally comes with dedicated hosting. Just like in dedicated hosting VPS hosting too comes with managed or unmanaged hosting packages that come at varying costs.

Virtual private servers are more reliable than in shared hosting conditions. You have lower downtime percentage and due to superior hardware there is robust working that delivers smooth functioning of websites.

6 - Cost

VPS hosting come at a cheaper cost than dedicated hosting although feature wise it is fully loaded and almost at par with true dedicated hosting. Despite this a good VPS hosting plan can come at as low as $20 per month. Here too premium plans can cost almost $200 or more per month. Between this wide range of cost there is an array of plans to choose from to suit needs of most people. At the lower end of the strand one can find plans costing between $20 to $50 per month, with disc space ranging from 10 GB to 20GB and bandwidth usually with 500 GB although some offer almost 1000 GB too.

The cost structure here is only a shade costlier than in shared hosting where some of the cheaper plans can be availed in much less than $10 per month and the costliest ones don’t ever go more than $50 per month. But shared hosting has its own limitations and security fear. On the other hand true dedicated hosting, which gives ample features, begins at nothing less than $100 per month kind of plans. Hence VPS hosting strikes a perfect balance between cost and services rendered both from a web host or a webmaster’s point of view.

Like most shared hosting plans VPS too has provision for monthly, quarterly or annual fee payments. For the first time when one buys a VPS plan one may have to shell out one time setup cost to get one’s virtual server configured. Some web hosts even waive off this startup cost in their cheaper plans. Startup cost is never heard of in shared hosting.

VPS is very cost effective especially if you are hosting multiple domains. You can drastically reduce you web expenses if all your websites can be accommodated within one VPS plan. By centralizing all your resources you won’t have to repeat expenses that are associated in hosting all your websites on different servers. In addition to cost saving you will have added benefit of smooth operation of all your websites under the same roof.

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VPS is truly a rising star in the world of web hosting. It is gaining popularity as more and more webmasters are getting to understand the fine point of this type of web hosting. Virtual hosting is a hybrid hosting that bridges the gap between shared and dedicated hosting. It strikes a perfect balance in terms of cost and additional features.

Most people prefer to get Virtual Private Server hosting as their favored choice because of the large control that one gets in this kind of hosting package. This is in fact the first step in terms of professional hosting with a technical flavor. Someone who is not that comfortable with true dedicated hosting to begin with can experiment for a while with VPS and gradually transit to higher plans as one grows. Then as per one’s demands one can keep adding features.

VPS is a great vehicle for people who are looking something more advanced than mere shared hosting but are not very comfortable or do not require all the features that dedicated hosting has to offer.

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