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What Are Keywords
And Why Are They So Important?

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What are Keywords? Get an insight here.

Choosing the right internet keyword is the key to your "NET" Success. You get lots of free search engine traffic, also called the organic traffic, based on your Keywords Phrases.

What are keywords?

what are keywords

Keywords are words, phrases or a group of words. This is what you feed in a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, to look for some particular information. Based on those key-words or keyword phrases, the search engine shows you the related pages.

The search engines don’t think for themselves. They rank you for the choice of your own internet keywords. You are the one who decides which one is the most suitable keyword for that particular web page. They take you for your "word" and place you in the results for that particular internet keyword. You have to be very cautious about the choice of your keywords or keyword phrases.

That’s why selection and analysis of what are keywords is so important because with the right internet keyword in your web page you will be "found" at a higher page ranking in the search results of a search engine.

There is a whole industry dealing in the product "Keyword" out there. It is the sweetest word anyone wants to hear with the Google people as their Adwords revenue has made Google an internet giant and their website is number one in the Alexa rankings! They sure do respect the word "Keyword".

You can use various keyword tools like SBI! Brainstorm It!, Wordtracker, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Keywordspy, etc to expand your list of keywords.

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What are Keywords?
An Alternate View

Another way to look at it is that a search engine files all its data, which is complete information of most of the web pages available on the internet, according to some tags which are called "Keywords". This is done in the same manner as a librarian arranges all her books.

This is an orderly way of stacking vast information. In the absence of this you would be perplexed to see your search engine throwing at you topics related to "dog’s food" when in fact you were looking for information on "how to satisfy your boss". Irrespective of what your point of view in regard to your boss is, technically though, this information is out of place and incorrect.

The choice of proper internet keywords is hence vital and crucial. You don’t want to be found on the results of a search engine for wrong reasons, and neither do you want to be left out for right ones. Those reasons become clear once you have understood what are keywords and then by the choice of your keywords phrases.

Your website concept, theme or niche is in fact a keyword. That is the central idea around which revolves your entire website.

Each web page on your site has its own specific keyword. The content on that page is related to that specific internet keyword. That way all those pages become keyword focused web pages and they all form a sub-topic of the main topic of your website.

I hope by now you have grasped the concept of what are keywords. But there is a little caveat.

All keywords are not same.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. What are keywords to you?

Words become keywords to you when they are assigned a duty to perform or a function to carry out. Your "Seed" Keyword might be someone else’s "Secondary" Keyword. The difference lies in the audience you are targeting. With your keyword you might be targeting a very broad market while your friend with the same keyword, with other functional obligation, might be targeting a much narrower and concentrated traffic.

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What are Keywords Categories?

Broadly there are six types of keywords. These are:

  • 1. Seed Keyword
  • 2. Site Concept Keyword
  • 3. Sub Concept Keyword
  • 4. Page Specific Keyword
  • 5. Page Related Secondary Keyword
  • 6. Long Tail Keyword

To know in detail about each type and how to identify them, read the following must read article:

Read the following article which illustrates about Resume Keywords as an example study:

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What are Ideal Keywords?

The keyword that you choose is your "Ideal Keyword". Any keyword that fits the theme and concept of your website is ideal for you. The same "Ideal Keyword" may be of no use to some other person.

In response to the query – What are Ideal Keywords, we can say that any keyword that fulfills the following conditions is an ideal keyword for you:

  • 1. Demand – Your chosen keyword should have from good to high demand so as to be able to cater to a wider audience.
  • 2. Supply – This particular keyword should have reasonably low supply so that it doesn’t have to face stiff competition in page ranking.
  • 3. Suitability – Your keyword should be suitable with your website concept and when integrated in your web page then that page should fit like a glove in your website.

You can’t always find perfect things. You have to adjust here or there to give shape to everything. Your deeper keyword research, combined with your understanding of what are keywords, will hand you some "Perfect" internet keywords, that do click.

A word of caution: - Don’t really get the numbers daunt you. They are after all a guide to your own judgment. Your own perception is what really matters. That means if your own gut feeling rules over what the numbers are predicting – Go For It. Sometimes that too beats down anything that is too technical.

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